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One can argue that the framers were not gung-ho on human equality and they just wanted to establish a system to protect personal and state interests. How could a system that left slavery intact and did not allow women to vote be called equality-conscious? This is a powerful argument, and one must concede to the possibility that self-interest was one of the driving forces at the convention.

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But one cannot deny that the mechanics of the convention were indeed equality-based. Even if delegates' partial intention was to preserve self-interest, they also aimed higher than themselves. Moreover, each state, small or large, had equal bearing upon the convention. This is an example of what an interaction in which parties are on equal footing can achieve.

The convention of shows that disagreements are blessings in disguise.

U.S. Constitution Under Attack – Gaither Campaign for Illinois

The process to resolve disagreements produces something that disappoints many at individual levels but benefits society as a group. Turning a blind eye towards disagreements and societal cleavages at a time when you are building something that will inherently affect society at large is unjust and illogical. In , he wrote on the topic of disagreements.

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Constitution even once, but I think that the framers were aware of the points he makes. He says that politics is not inherently equality-driven. Societal entities must strive for equality. A great strength of the Constitution is that it is not a static document. It was through amendments that America enshrined freedom of speech and religion and separation of religion and state and got rid of slavery. But there is always room for improvement.

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To define improvement, we can take a lesson from how the framers dealt with disagreements. There will be times when the liberties enshrined in the Constitution and the concepts of due process and checks and balances that constitute its hallmark will come under attack. A president jailed some journalists.

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  8. No, not Donald Trump. It was John Adams. He abhorred journalists who criticized him.

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